Bao Yang Textile Co., Ltd. have assessed, Sedex and Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

Bontex was set up in 1992. With all these years concentrating in the field, we have developed into one of the most significant Eco-friendly manufacturer in China.







Located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, our factory is easy to be accessed from Shenzhen and other parts of China. It has an area of over 5,000 sq.m. workshop compound.

The workshop compound consists of 4 departments - printing, cutting, sewing  and packaging

Special workshop facilities and equipments
- Sublimation printer

- Heat transfer machine
- Multi-functional sewing machines
- Vacuum packing machine
- Polyester fibre fluffing machine
- Cushion filling machine


Business and Service

- Our key words are 'versatility' , 'creativity' ,'flexibilty' , 'quality' and 'reliability' -

We print and sew with most types of fabric materials - cotton, polycotton, polyester, canvas, organza, taffeta, micro fibre suede, jacquard, denim, PVC, PVC coated fabric, nylon, non-woven fabric - to make 'all you can think of' home textile items. Not only we produce our house design series, we also work closely with clients to develop items in their exclusive designs and needs. Of course, there are always the premium items for promotional purpose.

Our inhouse design team has a non-stop itinerary in creating new patterns and packaging designs. Design series vary from vintage to contemporary, daily to seasonal, quiet to bold. Packaging design is a very important sector. Over the years, we have introduced to market some very popular packaging ideas like recycle paper gift boxes, gift wraps and hangers.

With everything done in one house - from printing to packing, we can offer clients with lots of flexibility, especially on issues as MOQ. This always gives a good working environment to clients, thus creating a fruitful and long term business relationship.

The word applies to both product and service!

Quality assurance is performed during all stages of production each and everyday. QA reports help to keep track on and improve our product quality. For all these years, we have upgraded our productions to comply with international safety standards for textiles items, such as British Standard.

Our sales team is cheerful and helpful, and is always prepared to work out best solutions for clients. We participated in renowned trade fairs in Hong Kong and overseas, making our exposure to the international market, meeting with old and new clients, and getting update information for home textile trends.

Meeting delivery deadlines is one of client's major concerns, and of ours too. Together with our high product quality demand, and efficient service guaranteed, we are now exporting to countries all round the world.

Lastly, we hope this website would lead you into the wonderful world of our business as well as inspiring ideas for what you can develop in the business.