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Made from Recycled Plastic Bottle Fabrics

UVC light Sterilise Bags

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Take it anywhere!

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria: Sterilizes your belongings with its strong ultraviolet(UV-C) light. It even hits hidden spots where cleaning wipes can't reach. Best for cleaning baby bottles, pacifiers, toys, phones, brushes, watches etc. basically EVERYTHING.

  • Effective and Safe: UV-C LED technology. Completely chemical free.

  • Sterilized within 5 minutes, and shut-off automatically.

  • Portable: It is light which allows you to take it anywhere. Easily fit in a bag.

  • Easy To Use: Press and hold button for 2s and everything is cleaned after 5 minutes!

  • USB Powered: Connect to any USB outlet or Powerbanks to start sterilizing!

  • Outer Layer: Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles Fabrics (RPET)

Customised UVC light Sterilise Bags
- Multifunctional -

  • Cosmetic Bag         

  • Sports Bag

  • Pouch

  • Crossbody Bag

  • Lunch & Cooler Bag 

  • Tote Bag

  • Mommy Bag

  • Waist Bag

  • Backpack   


OEM      |      ODM

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