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Bontex Corporation Limited was founded in 1992. It has been manufacturing all kinds of textiles ever since. 
In 2018, our development team concentrated in recycled materials, plastic bottles (RPET) for our products. Our factory produces goods made from RPET fabric. RPET fabric is the process of collecting plastic bottles which were used and through a process of cleaning, crushing and melting, then made into fiber to make final products. 


Comfortable and warm, this recycled material face mask is a must accessory for you.

It can be used in most of the environment, such as outdoor, bedroom, air-conditioned room, etc. Effectively help filter gaseous particles, smells, and particle components of air pollution.

Mouth mask is for covering mouth and face. It can protect your mouth and face from dust, wind, a must for you when go out. Easy to wash and convenient to wear in daily life.
It is also a eco-friendly and fashionable item!

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Taking Textiles
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We create different products with different types of fabrics all made by 100% recycled plastic bottles. With different types of fabrics we can create different textures


We trust strongly in the importance of sustainability and being an environmental conscious company. We have taken great measures toward eco-friendly production so as to ensure we give back to mother earth in every way possible